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Adobe Illustrator: Be an expert in digital illustration :

In this fast-paced and evolving digital age, knowing how to use graphic design software can really make a difference when entering the competitive world of work. In this Illustrator course you will access content of exclusive value that you will not find on platforms such as YouTube or Wikipedia. Mr. Lemonade, a successful illustrator who has worked with brands such as IBM and Pepsico, will share with you his knowledge of this powerful tool so that you can exploit your creativity and also become a master in digital design.

This online illustration course is quite complete and will help you to have a broad and detailed knowledge of Adobe Illustrator without knowing anything beforehand or, if you are just looking to have a reinforcement, this learning option is the ideal one. Relax, you will start from scratch and you will be able to immerse yourself in an easy and simple way in the world of graphic design in almost 11 hours of class divided into small 15 learning modules.

  • You will learn in a fun and didactic way how to use Illustrator from scratch.
  • You will know what a digital illustration is and its effectiveness in graphic design as opposed to traditional techniques such as watercolors, oil or graphite.
  • You will discover the most effective tools and learn how to make the most of them to design complex digital illustrations.
  • You will boost your creativity and let your imagination fly through digital design learning what Adobe Illustrator is for and what its main characteristics are.
  • You will know Illustrator shortcuts and tips to make your work more efficient.
  • You will be clear about the key concepts to compose an illustration, make a sketch and develop a final project.

Direct download links 5.3 GB :

Course download – illustrator – part 1

Course download – illustrator – part 2

Course download – illustrator – part 3

Course download – illustrator – part 4

Course download – illustrator – part 5

Course download – illustrator – part 6

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