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Domestika – Animated Collage with Adobe After Effects Free Download : The work of Joseba Elorza, better known as MiraRuido, is mainly based on collage, which he has managed to fill with movement and depth to provoke sensations from the most surreal side. Yes in the course Retro movement in After Effects MiraRuido showed you its techniques to create animations from videos and photos, in this one goes a step further, revealing all the tricks to simulate a space in three dimensions in After Effects using only photographs and flat images in collage format.

You will begin to know a little better the work of Joseba Elorza and the path he has taken until reaching the animation, as well as the influences that have marked his graphic style.

Then it will show you where to look for the raw material of your creations: photos, photos and more photos. You will discover some of the websites that you use in your projects to download quality images, free and free; and you will also see where to find sound and music effects for your projects.

When you have selected the material you will use in your animated collage, you will learn how to organize it, create a storyboard and import your images into the workspace in After Effects.

From here, you will learn the basics of animation in After Effects to make your collage come alive.

Finally, you will learn to export your project, choosing the most suitable codecs and formats so that your creation looks the best way, be it on YouTube, Vimeo or even in GIF format to upload to social networks.

What is this course’s project?

Using only photographs, you will create an animated collage with a 3D aspect of surrealist landscapes, whose beginning and end will connect imperceptibly to the viewer, creating an infinite loop in GIF format for social networks.

Who is it for?

To illustrators, designers, photographers, editors, animators and anyone who wants to learn to manage a camera in a 3D environment in After Effects and all collage lovers who want to put their cuts in motion and give them the depth they had always dreamed of.

What you need

You will need basic knowledge of Photoshop to be able to make the collages correctly, although it is not essential that you know how to use After Effects, since Joseba will teach you his process of animation step by step.

With respect to the materials you will need a computer with Photoshop and After Effects.

Watch the Introduction Video :

Direct download links 2.2 GB  :

Course Download – After Effects and photoshop – part 1

Course Download – After Effects and photoshop – part 2

Course Download – After Effects and photoshop – part 3

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