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Art Toy Creation : Learn how to design, build and model a unique and collectible 3D character

Halfway between artistic sculpture and toys, Art Toys are collectible figurative characters for exhibitions, events, or private collectors, according to graphic designer and illustrator Luaiso López. The playful and creative aesthetics of Luaiso’s works bring together his two passions: animation and video games.

Learn how to make an Art Toy, beginning from the concept creation stage to the final presentation, with the help of Luaiso. By the end you will create a unique three-dimensional figure, adding your own style to it.

About this course

You’ll begin this trip exploring Luaiso’s professional career and seeing how he got started in the world of creating Art Toys, before getting to know his artistic influences.

Stimulate your creativity in the second unit by generating a series of ideas from which you can base your Art Toy. Then you’ll draw and make the first sketches of your piece, expressing your own style and using references that have caught your attention.

In the next unit, you’ll get your hands dirty and start building your toy from the sketch. Learn how to assemble the skeleton, add volume and finish the structure to take the piece to the oven. Then, you’ll see how to introduce the colors and last touches.

Finally, the time will come for you to show your work. In the fourth unit, Luaiso will give you some final recommendations so you can transport your piece, and he’ll share the tricks he uses to show his work.

What is this course’s project?

You’ll create an Art Toy true to your style and your initial idea or concept.

Who is it for?

To anyone who wants to learn how to model an Art Toy, either as a hobby or for commercial purposes.

What you need

No previous toy design knowledge necessary, although basic design knowledge and manual skills are required.

As for the materials, you’ll need paper, pencil, wire, small pliers, aluminum foil, polymer clay, a conventional oven and spray paint.

Watch the Introduction Video :

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Course Download – Domestika – part 1

Course Download – Domestika – part 2

Course Download – Domestika – part 3

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